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Relevant Facts about the Puerto Rican Community in our Market

Number of Puerto Ricans on the Island

2010-  3.7 million                      2012- 3.6 million            2021- 3.2million 

Puerto Rican population  Mainland USA  approx.  5 million 

Puerto Rican Population by State  (top 10)** 

Florida                   1,176,465 

New York              1,008,909 

New Jersey              484,727 

Pennsylvania            466,450 

Massachusetts         323,528   

Connecticut               288,922 

California                   223,991 

Illinois                         206,062 

Ohio                            143,688 

Georgia                       131,779  

From 2010-2019  Puerto Rico had a net loss of population of 607,000 people* 

Top states for Migration *
Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts,  Texas 

“Por primera vez, los datos de la Encuesta sobre la Comunidad (15 años) indican que en el 2019 el estado de New York no se posicionó entre los primeros cinco destinos de los emigrantes que salieron de Puerto Rico, característica que solía ser una constante de la emigración desde Puerto Rico. Incluso, New York tampoco ocupó un puesto dentro de los primeros 10 estados de destino posicionándose número once.” Perfil de migrante 2018-19  Instituto de Estadisticas de Puerto Rico pg 5 Median age of migrant Rose from 29.9 to 31.1 in 2019** 

Immigrants consist of over 51% with post-secondary education  2019** 

Largest Companies In Puerto Rico 


Top Universities in Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico is home to 152 accredited universities and colleges (21 of which are based in the capital city of San Juan), according to the Institute of Education Sciences. Puerto Rican universities follow the US system, awarding four-year bachelor’s degrees, as well as Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MSc) degrees, and – more rarely – PhDs. There are also a few specialized private higher education schools providing professional training in trades such as tourism, business and secretarial skills. Most courses are taught in English and Spanish. While most universities in Puerto Rico are recognized by the US, you should make sure to check the university you are considering has some kind of international and professional accreditation, and that your qualification will be valid in your home country and elsewhere.  Source: america/puerto-rico/guide 



*US census data  

**Report:  Instituto de Estadisticas de Puerto Rico  2018-2019 Perfil Del Migrante 

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